Sunday, July 31, 2016


You may remember me saying many times that I need a title before the brain can get motivated to write a blog post. As I go through my day I often have ideas for blog posts that seem to evaporate into the atmosphere by the time I actually get to sit and write. And night time! When I am laying in bed and can't seem to get the mind to shut off or just before falling asleep when I have the most amazing ideas and plans and then for the life of me cannot retreive those fantastic ideas that seem to fade away in the morning light... 
Surely I am not alone with this dilemma. Please tell me that you also write the best poems, plan the most amazing quilts, come up with just the right words for the answer to a friends problem while hovering in that semi concious euphoric state just before nodding off.
By now you are scratching your head saying to yourself, what in the world is this woman getting at? 
Well, when I sat to write I couldn't come up with a title, so in the midst of a texting conversation with a friend, I said, " give me a blog post title will ya" and she did! So this title is brought to you courtesy of Sue! 
She actually said a little more than that but I edited it...writer's prerogative I think. 
In my last post I showed you a few of the things I have been messing around with that includes fabric, and paint etc.  I am at it again! Well actually, I should say still at it, cause I have not really stopped.
Sue has jokingly commented several times that if something stands still long enough around me, it is likely to get painted, and she is right on the money! 
What have I painted since we last talked?  Umm let me think...
I decided to go with red for the cedar chest, and I love it! 




Not a great picture, but you can see the change a bit of paint made to it. I also took the hardware off and sprayed it rubbed bronze. 

You know what! I am falling asleep at the keyboard and these pictures look terrible and I am scrambling for my words, so I am going to bed and maybe some really clever thoughts and ideas will come to me sometime between brushing my teeth and collapsing in my bed. If so I will tell you all about it tomorrow, if not I will continue on with this evenings train of thought and hopefully some better photos.  Zzzzzzzz

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